Sunday, 28 October 2007

And so the knitting begins

I have been, for a while, thinking about knitting online. The grand scheme of things is to one day be able to post my own designs here, but that is probably quite a bit away. I can barely follow patterns as it is sometimes...

So, Cristina and knitting. I think I was taught the basics of knitting when I was little, but it never stuck. But my actual knitting has two origins. The thought origin goes back to maybe 2005, when my boyfriend wanted a Ravenclaw scarf but couldn't find any, and I offered to make him one. However, life and possibly a degree got in the way, and I didn't think about it for a while.
Then, I fell really ill with depression during the summer of 2006. I took up knitting related to that, I think I had heard it was good for it, althought I can't remember at the moment the exact reasoning. It all was very confusing. So I bought in the street market some really crap yarn and some needles, and the internet taught me to knit. I knitted his Ravenclaw scarf (with much nicer yarn), and felt a lot better while doing so. Knitting takes up your attention without being draining, and most other things don't really matter when you are trying not to lose stitches. And, after his scarf, I continued knitting.

I might talk one day on the benefits of knitting. Knitting has helped me overcome depression, althougth I hold no illusions about being completely well yet (I should have been meeting my knitting group at the moment, but I felt to sad and cold to go out).

So, for now, I will ramble about knitting here (so as not to inflict it in the readers of my normal blog), and one day I shall post those patterns.

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