Saturday, 29 November 2008

Toes cozy

Toe cast cover

Very quick project to keep my toes warm. It's knitted with Rowan Cotton Jeans, the left overs from my Healing Jacket 2 (I've blocked it! I just need to sew on the button) and my Blue Tomato. I held the yarn doubled, which made it super quick, and now my toes are warm!

Thursday, 27 November 2008

I broke my foot!

Well, that was crap. As I left work today my heel gave away, and I landed all my weight on the side of my foot. Some hopping and pain later, I am finally home with a broken metatarsus, the one belonging to my pinky, near the ankle. Clean fracture, at least, so I just have to wait of it to heal (4 to 5 weeks). Let me tell you, a third floor flat with no lift and no help is not fun in crutches.
People were very nice to me. I had someone from work help me onto the bus (I broke it very near my bus stop) and then a random person stopped on the street and helped me from the bus to the taxi. I was nearly in tears of pain and gratitude. One in hospital I had a wheelchair, and that was very welcomed. I also managed to knit about 80% of my second Fetching, which was quite nice.
Alex will be back tomorrow from his course, so at least I can have a bit of help. After the evil cold from hell, and the throat-ear infection, and now this, November has not been my best month ever. Is it can be Dezember nao?

Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Hurrah! I've finished weaving in all the ends of my healing cardigan! It did take, however, most of Stardust to do so. But now it's done.
Now I need to block it and add the button, and I'll be ready to take pictures and share it with the world.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Still alive

So, I spent most of last week ill with the plague. Two plagues, actually: I had both a very bad cold (viral) and a throat infection (bacterial). Not fun. It did, however, result into a lot of knitting, so my healing cardigan is just missing weaving in ends (this might take a while) and blocking.

As well as knitting, I did some web surfing while I was ill, and I got this.


This is an awesome dpn roll, bought from knitonebeadtwo at Etsy. The service was very good, the quality of the roll is good, and it only took a week to get here from the US (it arrived today!).

The first day I was well enough to go out, I went yarn shopping. I ordered yarn to make a Wisteria, and I got this lovely mini project bag from Get Knitted.

It's at the moment holding my second pair of fetchings. Some of you might recall I made some last year, although I made the mistake of making them out of bamboo. While lovely, it stretches. More. No, more than that. And a bit more. Ok, maybe not so much. I'm making this out of cotton, matching both gauge and yarn weight this time, so hopefully they will work out better!

Yesterday I went to Forbidden Planet, and bought this cute dead kitty mints box, to use as a pill box or stitch marker box (or both!).

I opened it today at work to have some of the mints, and I squeed. I mean, look at it. The mints are shaped like teeny bones!

I am less plague-ridden now, although still with my bacterial infection. Not likely to die any time soon, though! Normal service may or may not resume!

Saturday, 15 November 2008

It's cold

Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.
Albert Camus

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Little robot

Cute critter cute critter cute critter!

Look at my little robot! As promised, it's the first one I've made from Creepy Cute Crochet, and I like it.
It was a rather easy crochet, but only after asking for help in ravelry and being pointed to the head help from the author. I was having trouble with the slip stitch, which I guess comes from learning crochet to do amigurumi, rather than make more "normal" stuff where I would have encountered it more often.

Rav little robot
Pattern: Robot (rav), from Creepy Cute Crochet, by Needle Noodles.
Yarn :Peaches and Cream, in Williamsburg Blue and White
Hook: Good ol' 3.5mm

I like my robot and my robot likes me!
Also, it makes me feel like I'm four.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Links of the week, 09/11/08, with bonus yarn

Octopus ancestor
Things should not be called Setebos. Incidentally, my copy of Olympos had some pages repeated. I went to the bookshop to get a replacement copy, but all the ones they had in stock had the same problem. They are ordering me a new copy.
Knitting a song
Via TECHknitter. Quite amazing stock motion, and I can't even imagine the time it must have taken, even machine-knitting it.
Amigurumi tutorials
The tutorials I have been using this week when putting together my little robot. Which is only missing the eyes, so it will be finished soon!
Knitting as therapy
An article about the medical benefits of knitting, how it helps people with illnesses, and how it connects with meditation and channels pain and obsession. I often try to write down why knitting has helped me overcome depression, but invariably someone has written it better than me. Maybe it's still to recent to write properly about it.
High speed photography
I've always been a bit fascinating by it.
Woolly Wormhead needs your head!
The designer Woolly Wormhead (I've met her!) needs your head measurements for her statistical analysis of heads for hat patterns.
London from above
Occasionally when I fly into London, depending on the winds and were I'm coming from, I get to fly over the city of London, so I've seen similar sights if I do it late in the day or in winter. It's truly wonderful, and London is huge.
Yarn monsters
It's things like this post that I like to show to people when they mention that knitting is just for grannies knitting shawls.

And that is all for today. My last yarn purchase has arrived, Crystal Palace Panda Soy, a specific sock yarn without any animal content. I got it from The Woolly Workshop and, like my previous online purchases, it arrived safe and without any problems. These yarn is planned for the Wonderland Socks, which I think are one of the most awesome patterns ever.

Monday, 3 November 2008

More yarn!

As I said yesterday, I had more yarn coming my way, and here it is!


This time I got yarn from First4yarns. I was originally going to buy the green cotton, as Create and Knit didn't have that colour, but then I gave in to the silk (and seacell) when I saw. The lace yarn is Zen Yarn Garden's Sea Silk, in the lovely Espresso colourway, although the colour is closer to milky coffee. The service from First4Yarns was very good as well, and the yarn arrived well protected in extra plastic and exactly within the timeframe (the also shipped the day after I ordered, but the 2nd class mail -free!- meant it took longer). I will make some beautiful shawl with this yarn, only not just yet, especially as I don't even know which pattern (but have a short list).

In other news, I upped my meds while I wait for my appointment (next monday), because I was tired of feeling crap.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Brief exahustion interlude

This lack of energy is so crap. Another weekend feeling rotten, and I'm pretty sure is because of the meds decrease. My body just can't understand that I'm not forgetting them, this is on purpose, and it's really annoying. I have an appointment with my doctor next Monday (not tomorrow), but I don't know whether to continue with the 25-25-0, or go back to have 25mg of sertraline everyday in between.

This evening I finally managed to pick up a bit, after a whole weekend of not wanting to do anything, and not finding joy on anything (not playing video games, or the Wii, or knitting, or reading, everything was bland). However, I phoned my grandma yesterday, and I made her the happiest woman on Earth, and that made me feel better.

As a result of picking up, I want to share my most recent yarn purchase with you:


Several skeins of Peaches & Cream (rav link) worsted cotton for amigurumi, bought from Create and Knit. I would totally recommend them. I found the shop via a thread in Ravelry asking for cheap cotton in the UK, and the shop was highly recommended. My yarn arrived 2 days after I ordered, in perfect conditions, and wrapped in extra plastic bags, so it wouldn't get wet. I was thrilled by the speed. And the cotton is nice and perfect for the task. I've just started a little robot, so you will be able to see it in action soon.

I have two more yarn purchases on the way, so expect more yarn pr0n soon.

My Healing Cardigan is progressing slowly, but I have finally finished the 1st sleeve. Pix because it did happen: