Monday, 24 November 2008

Still alive

So, I spent most of last week ill with the plague. Two plagues, actually: I had both a very bad cold (viral) and a throat infection (bacterial). Not fun. It did, however, result into a lot of knitting, so my healing cardigan is just missing weaving in ends (this might take a while) and blocking.

As well as knitting, I did some web surfing while I was ill, and I got this.


This is an awesome dpn roll, bought from knitonebeadtwo at Etsy. The service was very good, the quality of the roll is good, and it only took a week to get here from the US (it arrived today!).

The first day I was well enough to go out, I went yarn shopping. I ordered yarn to make a Wisteria, and I got this lovely mini project bag from Get Knitted.

It's at the moment holding my second pair of fetchings. Some of you might recall I made some last year, although I made the mistake of making them out of bamboo. While lovely, it stretches. More. No, more than that. And a bit more. Ok, maybe not so much. I'm making this out of cotton, matching both gauge and yarn weight this time, so hopefully they will work out better!

Yesterday I went to Forbidden Planet, and bought this cute dead kitty mints box, to use as a pill box or stitch marker box (or both!).

I opened it today at work to have some of the mints, and I squeed. I mean, look at it. The mints are shaped like teeny bones!

I am less plague-ridden now, although still with my bacterial infection. Not likely to die any time soon, though! Normal service may or may not resume!


  1. I love all your goodies!!!!!!! when you're ill, spoiling can be magic...
    hope you feel better soon!

  2. Retail therapy is good for colds and infections! I've had the cold the past few days, and seem to have spent ages on ebay buying random stuff! Hope you get over your infection soon :)