Thursday, 27 November 2008

I broke my foot!

Well, that was crap. As I left work today my heel gave away, and I landed all my weight on the side of my foot. Some hopping and pain later, I am finally home with a broken metatarsus, the one belonging to my pinky, near the ankle. Clean fracture, at least, so I just have to wait of it to heal (4 to 5 weeks). Let me tell you, a third floor flat with no lift and no help is not fun in crutches.
People were very nice to me. I had someone from work help me onto the bus (I broke it very near my bus stop) and then a random person stopped on the street and helped me from the bus to the taxi. I was nearly in tears of pain and gratitude. One in hospital I had a wheelchair, and that was very welcomed. I also managed to knit about 80% of my second Fetching, which was quite nice.
Alex will be back tomorrow from his course, so at least I can have a bit of help. After the evil cold from hell, and the throat-ear infection, and now this, November has not been my best month ever. Is it can be Dezember nao?


  1. Ouch! Poor you! I hope you get better quickly, that sounds painful. Maybe the healing cardigan will help somehow :/

  2. Oh noes! You have had a sucky month indeed. I think it's definitely time to push the fast forward button! But do take care of the foot - and I hope it heals up quickly!

  3. I'm so sorry you are in pain :(
    I wish I was closeby, to help you, to pamper you...
    have a good rest, then it heals better!

  4. ACK! I'm so sorry about your foot - take care & hold on - you can haz December very soon!

  5. Oh noez! I hope it heals up soon, and you're not in too much pain! Don't worry, iz nearly December!

  6. Oh no, poor you! Sending mending thoughts your way. I broke my foot a few years back, and although crutches are awkward to start with, you'll be super speedy on them in a week or so, they're faster than normal walking, really! :)