Sunday, 9 November 2008

Links of the week, 09/11/08, with bonus yarn

Octopus ancestor
Things should not be called Setebos. Incidentally, my copy of Olympos had some pages repeated. I went to the bookshop to get a replacement copy, but all the ones they had in stock had the same problem. They are ordering me a new copy.
Knitting a song
Via TECHknitter. Quite amazing stock motion, and I can't even imagine the time it must have taken, even machine-knitting it.
Amigurumi tutorials
The tutorials I have been using this week when putting together my little robot. Which is only missing the eyes, so it will be finished soon!
Knitting as therapy
An article about the medical benefits of knitting, how it helps people with illnesses, and how it connects with meditation and channels pain and obsession. I often try to write down why knitting has helped me overcome depression, but invariably someone has written it better than me. Maybe it's still to recent to write properly about it.
High speed photography
I've always been a bit fascinating by it.
Woolly Wormhead needs your head!
The designer Woolly Wormhead (I've met her!) needs your head measurements for her statistical analysis of heads for hat patterns.
London from above
Occasionally when I fly into London, depending on the winds and were I'm coming from, I get to fly over the city of London, so I've seen similar sights if I do it late in the day or in winter. It's truly wonderful, and London is huge.
Yarn monsters
It's things like this post that I like to show to people when they mention that knitting is just for grannies knitting shawls.

And that is all for today. My last yarn purchase has arrived, Crystal Palace Panda Soy, a specific sock yarn without any animal content. I got it from The Woolly Workshop and, like my previous online purchases, it arrived safe and without any problems. These yarn is planned for the Wonderland Socks, which I think are one of the most awesome patterns ever.

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