Saturday, 29 November 2008

Toes cozy

Toe cast cover

Very quick project to keep my toes warm. It's knitted with Rowan Cotton Jeans, the left overs from my Healing Jacket 2 (I've blocked it! I just need to sew on the button) and my Blue Tomato. I held the yarn doubled, which made it super quick, and now my toes are warm!


  1. Yipes! I didn't realize you were in an actual hard cast for the foot injury! Considering where you live, a toe cozy is definitely a necessity, perhaps you should even have a few!

    i guess I've been lucky so far, all the various injuries that have had me hopping about on crutches were handled with walking casts that could be removed easily.

    Take care and if you have to be sitting about - try to relax and enjoy the time!

  2. warm toes are important, yeay for the knitting but to help you with that!

  3. Awww, chilly toes! Well done making the toe-cosy :D

  4. Would you consider selling me a few of these? I have a broken ankle - can't find them anywhere, and don't knit myself!!!! Thanks!