Sunday, 20 April 2008

The White Whale attacks!

Two ships sailed happily across the sea.
White whale 1

Suddenly, the White Whale appeared.
White whale 2

Quick, man the harpoons!
White whale 3

But the white whale was too much.
White whale 4

It taunted them.
White whale 5

And finally, it om-nom-nomed them!
White whale 6

Here, Whale! A smile for the camera!
White whale 7

Technical notes
Ravelry project page
Pattern: Tiny Whale, by Hannah Kaminsky. (Ravelry pattern page)
Yarn: Rowan All Seasons Cotton
Hook: 3.5 mm (E)
Notes: I enjoyed making the whale! A+ will buy again :o)
I had a bit of trouble with the tale, but I got it explained by the Ravelry ladies. I just didn't know how to start the tail. Here is the answer I got, for other people looking for it too:
(I’m guessing that) because you were working in the round, the sc 4 is to get you to the right place. Then, when you ch 1, you are working a new row. Then ‘sc2 into one, 2 sc, sc2 into one (6)’ adds up correctly and makes good sense for the tail of a whale, where you would want some strategic increasing to get the right shape.


  1. What a great scene...I especially like the part when the whale goes "om-nom-nom".....good munching sounds! (awesome whale, too!)