Thursday, 3 April 2008

How NOT to crochet

I've been having some trouble crocheting the katamari. On Sunday, I tried to have one more go at it, and this time I checked stuff online. I found a helpful video on crocheting on the round, although it wasn't the on-the-round technique I found most helpful.
I discovered that I had been crocheting wrong all along.

Let me say it again.
I had been crocheting wrong all along.

A simple crochet is made out of 2 steps. First you draw a loop throught the next stitch. Then you draw the thread around the hook and bring it throught both loops on the hook. It was this last drawing that I did't do. I would draw a loop through the sticht and pull that through the chain stitch, without the "yarn over".

And, suddenly, I can crochet!

And I have some pictures, to show my stupidity to the world. I do deserve to be mocked. Can you tell which is which? (link for those not familiar with how a katamari looks).



  1. I just came home with my very first crochet book (crochet stitch bible I believe it's called in english) - I'll let you know if I'm any smarter...

    you really made me laugh and that's always a plus ;)

  2. I made you laugh. Then my job here is done! :)

    Now that I finally do it right, it's rather rewarding. I plan to mainly use it to knit little amigurumi, they are soooo cute. Let me know how you're getting on with it!

  3. I will post my very first crochet baby hat on Ravelry tomorrow, made it this evening and the 2nd attempt was very successful and... husband sighed and said: oh no, another addiction!