Monday, 28 April 2008

In search of the feedback

I recently asked for some feedback about my blog in Ravelry (those with a Ravelry account can check the feedback here), and I will be taking some of the suggestions into account.
As you might have noticed, I have increased slightly the font size, as a result of these feedbacks. Another comment I received was to make the blog title more visible, and to perhaps do some more essay-based posts about depression and how it affects my life, as it is the topic that is more personal.
All the feedback liked the simple and de-clutter layout of the blog, which I'm very happy for, as that was my intention. I personally don't like blogs with too much stuff going on, so that I can barely find my way around (I have the attention span of a goldfish). Also, everybody loved the whale.

I was suggested to try Feedburner for the feed, so this is what I'm doing now. Hopefully, all of you that were subscribed before are receiving this, as it has cleverly redirected (I am also subscribed to my own feed, so that I can check how it turns out, and will be able to tell if it doesn't redirect, don't worry!).

As I asked for feedback in a specific blog critique group, maybe some of my readers (you know, the two of you) have some suggestions but haven't spotted that. So, if any of you would like to drop some feedback (layout, posting, themes, what I post about, pictures, things I should do more/less often), drop a comment, or email me with your suggestions, and I will certainly think over them!

Thanks for the feedback!

Edit: Hooray! The new feed seems to be working!


  1. I'll enjoy reading your blog even more...

  2. The new feed worked for me - and duh, of course...everyone LOVES your whale!