Thursday, 24 April 2008

The designer itch

I am slowly getting the designer itch. This cannot possibly end well :)

I have mostly designed a/the little bag to keep my last meds, which is nearly finished. It is partly influenced by other bags, but I think I can still mostly count it mine, if I turn the page and squint. I should be done with it and post pictures this evening, but don't hold your breath, I don't want my readers dying.

Now I want a belt. Well, sort of. I want some sort of sash/belt/obi to wrap around my waist and give some shaping to some of my short sleeve shirts, to make them look slightly more formal. However, I can't find on Ravelry any belt-y type thing that is a bit thick! Well, there is one pattern (non-Rav link), but it is in a Berroco book, and I don't think I'll buy the whole book.
Ergo, the correct answer here is to design and knit my own!

So, requirements for my belt:

  • about 10 cm thick
  • grey as my normal work trousers
  • ability to close in a pretty way,and "change" size
  • maybe with a little cute pocket!
  • some manner of decoration. I was thinking to small cables along the edges, and maybe some lacy squares along the centre. My trousers have some sort of square-ish pattern (tweed style), so I think it might go nice. I have a book that includes some lace stitch patterns, so I will have a look at it, as I don't think I can make up my own lace yet.
  • some actual obi inspiration? I shall have a look online at pictures of real obi, and see if I can somehow incorporate that design into mine
I am going my LYS today, to browse and get some white yarn for some more amigurumi1, so I can have a look at some dark grey yarn, and get a bit to start swatching and designing the patterns. I am being very good and not buying yarn for my next big project (non-Rav link) until I finish the cardigan, but small project are a fair go because the cardi is too big to carry around.

1: I am having trouble with the magnets for the Katamari. I might have somewhere else to look for them today, otherwise I will have to look for them online.


  1. curious about the last meds baggy, sounds useful too since I have lots of meds ;)

  2. I can't wait to see how your design for your belt/sash thingie turns out - I'm sure it will be very chic!

  3. Wow, people looking forward to my designs! *blushes*

    morgan, the meds bag should have pictures tonight, maybe, hopefully. I just was too tired yesterday to sew the buttons!

    ckknitter, thanks! I will try to make it chic, but it might take a looong time. I am not a very fast knitter, and certainly I will be a very slow designer!