Friday, 4 April 2008

Have *you* fed your local vampires recently?

Well, have you? I did today. And by "feeding the vampires" I mean donating blood.

I have been donating blood for a while, encouraged by my father, who has been donating blood as long as I can remember. I am O+, which means I can give blood to a staggering 84% of the UK's population. I am a bit jealous of my father, who is O-, and therefore can give blood to eeeeeverybody in the whole world, but I figure 84% will have to do :o)

If you can, I recommend that you do. Giving blood helps many people, directly (for surgeries, nasty illnesses, accidents, etc) and indirectly (it is also used for research). Many people owe their lives to donors, and I am very happy to help. It is only a mild discomfort, and they give you cookies when you are done! I can even do it on my meds, so that shouldn't stop you. And, for your advantage, they do check your blood, including your iron contents, so I know that my blood is healthy on a regular basis.

If you are from the UK, check the blood page here.
And when you go, remember to tick the "give my blood to vampires" box, so they can get their food there and don't come and bite our necks!


  1. I donated a few times when I was younger (my mom has been giving it away as long as I know too, like your dad), but now they don't want my blood and I can't really miss it, because of all the health issues - I feel sad about it, and I cannot believe that not àll healthy people donate their blood, it's such a small thing for us and such a big thing for who really needs it...

    good on you!!!!!!!

  2. I try to convince as many people as I can to do so. My old SF club used to organise informal mass-donations, so we all went together.

    Don't feel sad: the blood is there for those who need it, and you need your own blood, so it's only fair you keep it!