Thursday, 10 December 2009

I have been knitting, after all

On a strange turn of events, today I not only had energy to do things I both wanted and had to do, but to take pictures of things and update!

I've admitted to myself that I'm only knitting the Peaks Island Hood, so I set everything else to hibernate, and took pictures of it. It is a strange feeling to only be knitting one project, but, at this point, it is exactly the right number of them. I also love this project, the yarn, and the way the seed stitch looks.

Peaks Island Hood WIP

On exciting health news, I had an MRI last week. It didn't rip my dental metalwork out, and I found the experience incredibly relaxing. The MRI machine is loud, but with the ear defenders it just feels like a low rumble, and it nearly put me to sleep :)
Peaks Island Hood WIP

There are only 5 more work days until I have two weeks holiday. It won't all be relaxing, but the beginning and end should be fairly quiet, and hopefully I can stock up on rest and knitting for the new year.

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  1. I think the people that are bothered by MRIs are claustrophobics because it's such a confined space. But I could just about (and sort of have) sleep in a box so when I had one many years ago I almost fell asleep too.