Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Wish me luck

Because I have apparenly nothing better to do, I have decided to start my first own pattern: socks. I have a mostly clear concept of what I want, so I can post a sketch when I have scanned it (I tried in Paint, and you could barely tell it was a sock).
Here are some things to watch out in the creation of my socks:


  • As said earlier, it can't be wool. I'm going for cotton, and hopefully I can find something with a bit of synthetic stretch on it.
  • They have to be warm sock to slip my feet in when I come back from work
  • Chunky yarn, so they are warm socks and knit up fas
  • To make them fit without the stretch, I'm going to make the leg open, kind of with a cut in the outside, and hold together with buttons.
  • In the outside, possibly starting with the leg and continuing down the side of the foot, a cable
  • Some thick stitch for the sole, might have to ask knitting for help on this one
Things to know
  • Never done cables before! You take some stitches out to a cable needle, and then knit the next n stitches, and then the cable needle. The cable slans to one side or the other depending if you take the cable stitches back or front. Then you knit as many plain rows as stitches you cabled, and start again. At least the stitches right before and right after the cable are purls.
  • You will finish Tomato, but you ought to finish some of your UFOs too.
This is all.

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