Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Yesterday I went to the hospital and got my cast replaced for an orthopædic boot. I have an exoskeleton! My leg looks like a Terminator! This makes me happy.
I can also take it off to wash and can put a bit of weight on it, although not enough to walk yet. As time progresses, I'll be able to put weight on it, take it off to do ankle exercises and then, slowly, start walking without it. I can't wear work trousers with it, not easily, but at least I can put on tights without cutting them up. And standing up is so much easier!

Now time for a public service announcement.
Are you stressed about Xmas knitting? Wondering what to make for everybody?
Wonder no more! Embrace the selfish and check out this wonderful holiday knitting post by the Lumpy Sweater.


  1. hello Robo-Cristina! step by step you'll be ok again, but save a bit of the robo-C., she might come in handy one day ;)

  2. Hooray for the exoskeleton! That's very cool - my walking casts were never so fabulous, just hard plastic, gel pads, and velcro.

    Great linky too - thanks for sharing that!

  3. Oh, Kath, I think I have the same thing. It is just hard plastic, padding and velcro, but I still thing it is really cool, and it makes me feel I have a cyborg's leg. If I only had cyborg arms now to be able to have the crutches without pain...