Friday, 17 July 2009

N is for Nails

This is less of a pretty post, but N is for Nails, because they are something important to me, even if a bit embarrassing. I have bitten them since I am very small, and even when I'm not biting them, I keep obsessing about them, looking at them and prodding them. Most of the time I don't even realise I'm doing it.

N is for nails

I've tried to stop many times, but only sheer will power does anything (nothing else helps, not the nasty-tasting nail polish, nor getting spanked as a child by my parents; only me helps, only I can do it). Often my mood or tiredness don't leave me a lot of room for will (I have certainly noticed that I bite them more when I'm anxious!), so I never manage to be more than a small number of months "clean".
As well as sheer will, keeping them short and always having a nailclipper handy helps. The moment *something* happens to one of them, my brain turns them into fair game!

I manage at times. Often I will manage to get them nice enough for a creamy light nail polish, which also helps on stopping me from biting them. And sometimes, some glorious times, I get them good enough for bright red nail polish.!
Fetching action shot


  1. Do you polish them yourself? If so, I'm just wondering if having a manicurist do a professional job every other week or so might help. Not just with the appearance, but the willpower not to be biting them. And if the right person is doing your nails, it can be very relaxing also!

  2. I always polish them myself, but not because of any particular reason. I just can never foresee when they will be right, and then I'm lazy to actually look for someone to do it. But it might be something to keep in mind, or maybe even a sort of "goal", thanks for the suggestions!