Monday, 22 February 2010

Little yarn pile

This weekend, I finished rewinding my frogged yarn into balls, finally completing my 1st Ravelympics project, part of the Aerial Unwind.

When I planned this in my head, I envisioned myself ripping the t-shirt on Saturday, washing it on Saturday evening, and winding it back into balls Sunday/Monday, depending on how the drying process went.
Of course, there were several things I forgot to take into account when planning this, such as my optician appointment, the piles and piles of ironing, baking brownies, and my current obsession with knitting socks.

Ripping the yarn took a lot more effort than I thought was going to, but the curliness kept me amused for hours! It was quite impressive the change submerging them in warm water made (warm water and Soak). Excitingly, the yarn seems to have leaked most of its dye already, and the water was barely blue-ish.

All the unravelled yarn


All the winding was achieved this weekend, while watching Alex play Mario Kart Wii. It's ready to use!
Wound and ready to use

I will try to cast on for the next incarnation of the t-shirt before the Olympics finish. It would have been a stretch to finish it before the end at the best of times, but having a cast-on will make me feel just as successful, as I mainly wanted to use this opportunity to get it going. If only socks weren't so interesting!

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  1. It's not just how interesting socks are - it's also how incredibly portable they are too! So easy to pop into your bag and then knit on while out and about!