Friday, 12 February 2010

Ravelympics prep!

Official ravelympics logo
These Olympic Games, I will be taking part in the Ravelympics1!

I will be participating in two events: Aerial Unwind (frogging2 a project and reclaiming the yarn) and Sweaterboard Cross (knitting a full sweater, although what I will be knitting is more of a t-shirt).

The project to rip is the Green Tea. Although I liked it at the time (denial ain't just a river, baby), Alex correctly identified that it was much to big. After having worn it a couple of times, I had to agree with that, and it has been sitting in the frog pile for a while. This is it's opportunity.

This is all the extra material
It's just so wide!

I will be reknitting the same t-shirt, but this time so that it fits me. I have the gauge, and my measurements, and hopefully a better understanding on how ease works, and I really hope it will be wearable this time round! Knitting it smaller will also allow me to make it a tad longer, which won't be a bad thing.

I will not be awake at cast-on time (2 am!), so I will start my adventure with some hours of delay over other people. At least the ripping shouldn't be too difficult!

See you at the other side of the finish line!

1: In parallel with the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, knitters over at Ravelry are doing their own knitting Olympics. There are teams formed by affiliation (instead of country) and different events you can compete in.
2: Ripping it apart, frogging comes from "rip it, rip it"

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  1. I don't get the whole Ravelympics system, but I did frog a big project last week so I get the 'reclaim the yarn' part! good for you, it will only be better! good luck...