Monday, 26 April 2010

First handspun!

From this

First spindle kit

to, sadly, this
That doesn't look very good

to, with a long break in the middle, this
Ah, that's better

to this!
My first handspun!

With much trial and even more error, and plenty of swearing, I am now the proud owner of my own handspun.
It is only a little bit discouraging that my weeks of effort have yielded so little, but I'm assure it will get better.

Fibre: carbonised bamboo, from silversunalpacas
Spindle: top whorl spindle, also from silversunalpacas

Yarn: 26 meters of roughly worsted weight (9-10 wpi), all mine!

Learning thanks to: sheet from silversunalpacas, tutorials from Megan, and having seen a friend spin at Eastercon.

My first handspun!


  1. May I suggest some blue Faced Leicester for your next spinning? It's an excellent beginner fibre, it's soft and smooth and has a nice long staple.

  2. Looks good! Welcome to the dark side. I don't know what to recommend as a non-wool easy fibre, but you seem to be pretty successful at what you've started with, so on you go. Have you found Wingham woolworks, yet? They might have something. PM me on Rav if you want any sympathy from another almost-beginner!