Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Half a fetching and a late bus

Wheeeee! Finished one mitten! Although only thanks to spending nearly 45 minutes waiting for the bloody bus. I had time to knit the thumb and unravel the fingers to add more rounds, as well as casting on for the next one.
I nearly ran out of yarn for the top, and it might be a bit tricky to bind that end off, but I will make it bend to my will.
The mitten is sitting next to me in the office, and I really want to knit!!!! But, although I can get away with looking at patterns while my code compiles, I probably can't really get away with knitting.

I made some modifications to the patter, to fit my linking and because my vertical gauge is smaller than the pattern calls for (my horizontal gauge is also a teeny bit smaller, but that presents less problems).
* knitted 5 rows before 1st cable
* 4 cables in wrist section
* 24 rows in hand section
* 2 cables for fingers
* 10 rows after the last cable
* normal bind-off
* 10 rows for thumb

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