Sunday, 2 December 2007

I has a jumper. Nobody be stealing my jumper.

I has a jumper. Nobody be stealing my jumper.
I have finished (in less than a month, go me!), my first real wearable jumper. The first one was several sizes bigger for me...

Pattern: Tomato, although I originally got it from the book "No sheep for you".
Yarn: Rowan RYC Cotton Jeans, 9 skeins in "Blue jeans" and a bit of Rowan All Seasons Cotton in cream.
Needles: Knitted with the recommended circulars in 4.5 and dpns in 4.0 for the neck.
Trivia: I initially liked the blue yarn, and bought two skeins just because, and then thought of something to do with them. And the blue tomato was conceived! (had to buy more yarn, of course).
It knitted incredibly fast, and it was very satisfying to finish, especially when I could finally try it on. I was a bit afraid it wouldn't fir, but it did! And now I am very proud of myself.
It is not as comfy as a bowl of tomato soup, but it is as comfy as jeans, which is what I was going for!

Smaller front view

Tomato resting

More pictures and info in ravelry.

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