Monday, 5 May 2008

Lace bookmark (FO)

Yesterday was Mother's day in Spain (and in many other countries, but my mother only lives in one). I wanted to make her something as a present, but I didn't want to invest a lot of time and yarn on it, as my mum and I don't get along terribly well. I think I just wanted to show her, for the umpteenth time, that I can knit, because no matter how many times she sees my pictures and my FOs, she has not finished accepting that I can. She just doesn't believe I can do it.
So I searched for a bit online, and decided to make her a bookmark. My first thought was to design one myself, but I wanted some lace in it. I tried some stuff from my stitch dictionary (from The Knitter's Bible), but it was not coming out very well, so I found one online.
It's a very simple and quick lace pattern, it took no time. I haven't ever got my mother a present she liked, so she probably won't like this one either, but I don't care. At least I tried, while she has given up on getting presents for anybody (actually, my family as a whole has given up on presents, at least for Christmas and my birthday).
Anyway, enough complaining about my family (I can do that at great length), have some pictures!

Lace bookmark

Detailed view of the lace:

Lace bookmark, front detailLace bookmakr, end detail

And an action shot!
Lace bookmark, action shot!

Technical details
Raverly project page
Pattern: Diamond lace bookmark, by Sivia Harding, also available in the Knitting Pattern a day calendar 2005, pattern for March 21s (Ravelry project page)
Yarn: Rowan Kidsilk Haze, leftover from Charlotte's 21st birthday scarf.
Needles: 3.5 mm
Notes: Very quick and easy, it works really well for a simple present, and it has taught me that if I ever want to do something big and lacy, I really need to get pointy needles, rather than use my bamboos. The proportions are not quite right. The width calls for one more lace repeat, but that would make it huge! It is already rather wide as it is, so maybe is should have been done in smaller needles (no way!). Oh well, it'll have to do. Also, I'm 100% sure she'll never see this, as my family doesn't know about this blog and I've done plenty of searches of my name, and it doesn't appear within a reasonable number of pages in google, so I'm safe posting this.


  1. I think that's lovely and a great idea for a Mother's Day present!

  2. exactly my idea for someone's Mother's Day, so off to make one myself...

    love yours!!!!! if your mother doesn't appreciate it, her loss, you did a fantastic job!

  3. Great idea for a quick & easy Mother's Day gift - good job! A friend made a bookmark for my Prayer Book one Easter - she added a crystal heart-shaped bead on the "tassle end" to help weigh it down...just and idea! ckk

  4. Yey, people like it!
    I would certainly recommend it for a quick present for everybody.

    morgan, it is already blocked. It looked very silly unblocked, you couldn't even see it was lace!

    cdkknitter, thanks for your bead suggestion. I don't have any at the moment, but I still have a couple of weeks to find some (I also want some for a bracelet), so I should have time to find one.