Monday, 24 March 2008

FO - Airy scarf

For Charlotte's 21st birthday, I decided to knit her something. The problem was that I had decided this only a week before her birthday. So I reached for Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and proceeded to knit the Airy Scarf. It is meant to take 4 hours for the size in the book, but I knitted for longer (basically until I had time) and made it longer.

The scarf is knitted in 6 mm straight needles with Kidsilk Haze, and it looks beautiful. You won't find any modelling pictures because I can only touch animal fibers with my hands, the rest of my body is very sensitive.

The scarf was very easy to knit, and very quick. It turned out very elegant, and very delicate, and Charlotte was delighted with it. She has been amazed at my knitting before, so it was a very nice suprise for her.

In chronological order...

Blocking. The carpet makes an awesome blocking board, as it holds the scarf nicely in place. It was pinned to the carpet then sprayed and let dry overnight.
Blocking scarf

The more beautiful pictures (I am specially fond of the first one):
Scarf Airy scarf

And the present!
Packaged airy scarf And the box is closed

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