Friday, 14 March 2008

Draconic mittens - FO

Done and with pictures!

As I said yesterday, I blocked my mittens, with cardboard and ductape. The blocking tools worked really well, much to my surprise, and the lace was brought up, making them look even more beautiful!

Blocking tools Blocking mittens

Behold the Draconic Mittens! Fear the Dragon!
Draconic mittens

Scales detail Finger detail

I'm very proud with how they turned up. I like that the do not have ribs like the Fetchings, as soy stretches lots and it widened the mittens too much to be worn comfortable.

The Draconic Mittens are knitted in Sidar Just Soya in green, using 3.0 mm needles. Pattern is dapper gloves by Oceanwidnknits.

Their ravelry page is here

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  1. I really love these!!!!! colour and pattern and your creation!