Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Knitting lesson 4219

Knitting lesson of the day, courtesy of my Draconic Mittens

If you are going to do any modifications to the pattern, write them down. Here, in Ravelry, on a piece of paper or tattoo them on your skin, but write them down. Particularly if you then have to make *another identical* piece afterwards.


  1. the prison break guy had it right ;)

  2. I have never seen prison break. I'm assuming he got a tattoo of something important?
    The map of the prison would be too obvious, unless it was in some sort of code. Maybe some passwords? Or, he could have tattooed a bit of the map in the backs of several of his friends while they were asleep, so nobody would suspect when they saw only one, you would need to have them all together and in order.

    Ok, I think I'm done. I don't know where than mental spill came from. My multiple tattoo idea is not really very practical... :o)