Friday, 21 March 2008

Back for a bit

I am back temporarily home after some days away, although I will be off tomorrow again (to Eastercon).

The party was nice, as I managed to secure a small group of people to talk to, rather than being lost in the 90-odd people in the party, although 3 am is waaaaaay too late for a party to finish. I spent the next couple of days tired and headachey, and I am a bit sad today, but I handled the lots of people rather well.
Charlotte liked her scarf lots, and there will be pictures soon.

I think I finally learnt how to crochet. The bad news, however, is that I had made 2 halfs and 2 starts of a half of the katamari wrong. I have a new half that I think is ok, and one nob. I might take it to Eastercon. I do really want to work on my cardigan, but it might be a bit too bulky.

Back again in a couple of days!

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