Tuesday, 20 May 2008

My shinies. Let me show you them.

My Ravelry merchandise got through yesterday. I did manage to tear the package open and try on my t-shirt, before I collapsed in bed from exhaustion and slept a couple of hours straight. This did disrupt my evening plans, which did include taking pictures, but it made me feel like a human being for the bit that I was awake later, rather than some sort of growling zombie.
I have my ravelry pin in my bag, and I have managed to take some pictures, so here is my ravelry gear.

disagree (1), in large
disagree (1)
Daily dose of fiber
Daily does of fiber

The House of Fraser near home is closing down its haberdashery department. While this is a shame, it does mean that they are having a 50% discount on everything, including Rowan, so I moved my lazy ass there today, and bought yarn for future projects. I might not do them yet, but this are project I know I want to do, so it makes sense to buy yarn now. I don't like stashing, I only buy to do specific projects. I got some cream yarn to make this lacy top (warning, link to pdf! rav link here), and some blue to make a möbius. I really want to knit one, and the blue calmer was so soft and looked so husky that I couldn't say no to it, even if it wasn't exactly planned.

Rowan Luxury Cotton
Rowan luxury cotton
Rowan calmer
Rowan calmer

Now I have to go to a (first) tai chi class in 45 minutes, and I'm terrified. The only reason I'm not chickening out is that Alex would get really upset, because I said I'd go, and I don't think I can handle that without crashing.


  1. love the stuff, and the model ;)

    let us know how tai chi went!!!

  2. where do you find that, btw?

  3. Shirt looks good! I haven't indulged in any rav gear because along with the tons of cloth bags I have already, I also have eleventy-jillion tee shirts! I'm holding out for a future hope that they'll add other shirt styles with collars.

    I took a tai chi several years ago and really liked it. Good exercise in a calm, relaxing environment with none of the blasting music or bouncing around you get in most exercise classes!

  4. Oooh! Rav. stuff - I haven't ordered anything yet(want a carry bag, sold out)You look great in your 't'! (love the Rowan calmer, too) Great shopping, ckk

  5. :) I could not resist the call of the Ravelry merchandise, I am weak like that. In fact, the day Casey announced that the shop will open that day, I nearly wore down my F5 key trying to get there before the shinies were gone!
    mornganmagic, if your question is to where I got the rav merch, it is in the Ravelry shop. Most of it is gone at the moment, but if you check the inventory you can see that many things will be back soon.

    Tai chi went well, but I'm making a full post on that, because it was really important for me!