Sunday, 12 October 2008

Links of the week, 12/10/08

I've been working extra the last two weeks, due to a work deadline (this includes coming back home at 9 pm, which does not make me happy). That and migraines (related, I'm sure) haven't left me super happy. On the plus side, Alex's socks are the right size and I have worked enough extra to earn an extra free day.

Give a new life to old electronics and make them cute!
I didn't knit that sweater for you
If you are in Ravelry, you must have just not logged on for the last couple of weeks to miss this, but just in case
Baby tigers!
Baby tigers!
Weaved geeky scarf
I want to learn how to weave just for this. I would love this scarf
Images of Mercury
Mercury rotates soooo slow, that one side is completely boiling and the other frozen off.
Baby orangutans!
Baby orangutans!
Two Lumps
I discovered this comic thanks to Fluzz (hi Fluzz!), about the life of two cuts. Comics like this make me laugh out loud.
Baby lambs!
Baby lambs!

Sorry for missing them last week, blame it on the migraines too!

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  1. I've been wanting to try weaving ever since the Craft magazine issue focused on it!

    And yes, Two Lumps is one of my faves also!

    Hope you feel better soon!