Sunday, 22 February 2009

Picocon 26: 28/02

This is your annual Picocon plug: come to Picocon! (28th Feb)

Picocon is the annual one-day Science Fiction & Fantasy convention run by the Imperial College Science Fiction society (ICSF), of which I was a member (and vice chair one year). Alex organised it once! (Picocon 24, in 2007).

This year the guests of honour are Pat Cadigan, Robert Rankin and Michael Marshall Smith.
As always, there will be talks by each of them, book sellers, LAN gaming, a pub quiz, Destruction of Dodgy Merchandise (with sledge hammers and liquid nitrogen) and the (in)famous Not-a-fish-duel (honest). Silliness and like-minded people are a given.

It takes place at Imperial College Union, in South Kensington (London), 10 am to 6-ish pm. If you go by tube, there should be signs taking you there.

Come! It's awesome. Just look at how much fun we had last year.


  1. That looks like entirely too much fun. But I really want to see pics of the duel!

  2. Kath, I see your request for pictures and raise you a video!