Thursday, 12 February 2009

C is for coffee


Every weekday morning after I get up, I make coffee while Alex takes the first shower. It's only instant, albeit good instant, but it holds the magic of the first cup of coffee.
It's strong, bitter despite the sugar, but warming. It defies the morning with the initial burst of energy. It holds the promise of good days, and it's an oasis of peace in what will be a long day.


It feels, of course, a lot less poetic than that, because it's 7.30 and I feel a lot more like a zombie than a poet, but I do love coffee, and the first cup of coffee of the day ever more so.


  1. Coffee is pure poetry at 7:30 AM! Or, actually, at any time.

  2. Oh that first cup in the morning is always the best!

  3. I have had one of those 'brews in 3 minutes' coffee makers for years now. More expensive...yes. Worth it? SO MUCH SO!!!! And just for this reason.

  4. Gotta love that morning cuppa of joe! Make mine a French Italian blend.

  5. Mmmm coffee! Can't live without my daily dose! Love your coffee and sugar cannisters, btw!