Tuesday, 24 February 2009

D is for Dragon


Dragon is my kitten. He was a present from Alex for one Xmas, and he was named Dragon because that way I could have a kitten *and* a dragon. Later on, I read a book that featured a dragon named Kitten. I laughed for hours.

Dragon was a present that came together because of my depression-triggered kitten obsession and because, well, it's dangerous to go alone.

Dragon is a very brave kitten, and sat my final exams with me, to the confusion of everybody else. He followed me to the Netherlands, and then back to the UK, always in my hand luggage, and I always sleep cuddling him when Alex is not around.

Dragon sometimes hunts and eats mice!
Meeting of the minds       Om nom nom

He also likes the same things I do.

One day, when I both live in a house that can have them and I'm mentally stable to take care of someone else, I will have a kitten. But for now, I have Dragon, and he is the best kitten in the world.


  1. Dragon is a lovely kitten!!!

    I'm doing it the opposite way (but not very well, unfortunately) - as in 28 Days - first the kid, then the kitten (hopefully soon), finally the pot plant...
    (plants now die in my care, so my daughter must be a very tough species)

  2. was that a Tamora Pierce book from her "The Immortals" series?

  3. Oh, I like Dragon. May he keep you safe! (aw, kitty)

  4. I'm glad you all like my kitten! At times I feel it's a bit silly, but I like the comfort he gives me, so it's all fine.

    Morgan, I'd recommend cactuses. They are fine if you forget to water them! I've had mine for 7 years and it hasn't died yet!

    Robyn, it was from Tamora Pierce! But it was from the "Protector of the Small" series (the only one I've read). Kitten only appeared a couple of brief times, but it was enough to make me laugh.

  5. That's one very sweet and brave Dragon!