Sunday, 14 June 2009

Links of the week, 14/06/2009

On Friday evening, I found myself in the company of friends. As the dinner conversation turned onto Star Wars, we retreated to a computer, and indulged on some videos. What started as a harmless video, quickly ended in a very fun game of I see your X and raise you a Y, with awesome results. I thought that sequence of videos would make a great Links of the week.

The session started with the Robot Chicken Star Wars special. The link only goes to selected clips, but it should give you an idea of how the rest develops.

From this parody, it was minor side-step to the Total Eclipse of the Heart Literal Version. There are plenty of Literal Videos around, but I think this is one of the best. It is also a fantastic earworm, and this is coming from someone who once had the Llama song stuck in her head for a week.

On the parody song theme, we arrived to Title of the Song, a template for pretty much every boy band song ever. I think the laughs on the track simply add to its greatness.

The mention of Tetris took us neatly to the Nintendo A Cappella. That wasn't what the original person had in mind, but was indeed a human Tetris.

From here on the links get tenuous; we probably stopped linking things, and just went for the cool/awesome factor. I believe the John Williams A Cappella followed the previous videos.

This was then topped up with the Evolution of Dance, which is currently the second most watched video on YouTube.

Then we saw the XXXtreme!! Shepherding, which Ravelry fans might already be familiar with. Pong should have lasted for longer.

And, despite the reluctance to rickroll friends, the last videos watched were the Literal Rickroll (not to be confused with how Rick Astly rolls), and the BigButtRoll - Sir Mixalot vs Rick Astley, which works disturbingly well.

It was a great evening. I only hope all the links are correct, and that they can capture the awesomeness of the evening. I really had to share it.

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