Thursday, 4 June 2009

K is for Knitting

Because it is my first go at the ABC-along, I figured is was game to do K for knitting. Next year I will actually have to think (kilo? kansas? potassium?).

I learned to knit about 2 and a half years ago. "Hang on", I hear you say, "I remember that number! It's exactly how long you were on your meds!"
It was indeed. I had thought about taking up knitting before, because I needed a hobby and Alex wanted a particular scarf, but it was only in the beginning of the Big Breakdown that I, surprisingly, got needles, yarn and instructions all together, and started. That time is all a blur now, and I am not sure how I managed such feat of organisation, or if I got everything just before the Big Breakdown. My journals from the time don't give any clue.
From that, my first real Knitted item was, as promised, Alex's Ravenclaw scarf1. It was a long and hard time for him too, and I hope the scarf showed something. I finished just in time to be one of his Christmas presents.

Ravenclaw scarf, 1st ever project

I'm actually a bit embarrassed now by the scarf. All the "weaved-in" edges showing.

I could make him much better scarves now, of course, but this is my first real knitted item, which he still wears (in winter). The love keeps him warm. Also, it's made of wool2.

Knitting stuck surprisingly well, because it kept my brain from wandering too far, and because it's fun. Today, I have move on from simple scarfs (although, having no sense of fear, my second ever project was a stuffed toy in the round, Nautie).

My two current projects on the needles are some socks for Alex, and a stole for me. There are technically others, as you can see to your right, but these two are the ones that I actually work on.
Socks in progress
Hanami stole

My knitting has come a long way!

1. In the books, Ravenclaw is bronze and blue, while it's light grey and blue in the movies. Alex wanted the movie version, but there wasn't a nice grey colour, so white and blue it is.
2. The Futurama fans in the audience will recognise this as Kif's comments in Three Hundred Big Boys (It's powered by love. Also, you have to wind it).


  1. indeed it has come a long way - says your fan ;)
    ànd it gave me the chance to get to know you (a bit)

  2. Oh how lovely :)

    I started knitting when i started my current meds too, but I'm still on mine.

  3. Very brave of you to display your first completed project - my early ones are mostly hidden away somewhere in bulging cupboards...

    I love that stole.


  4. >>Very brave of you to display your first completed project
    I spent quite a while learning before that. 4 balls of cheap acrylic (red, grey, blue and day-glo orange!) went to an enormous learning swatch, and that really really wasn't very pretty :)
    In the end, most of the learning swatch was unravelled to use as stuffing for the Nautie!