Monday, 29 September 2008

Aero Pr0n Monday

While not all of it has happened today, the news are full of aero pr0n today!
So, in the last bunch of days, China have successfully launched a manned capsule, the Falcon 1 has successfully reached orbital flight and two different research teams seem to have solved the unsteady 3D boundary layer problem, and can now predict the separation point.

Isn't this all full of awesome?

(Also, Alex and I now have a Wii.)


  1. My friends have a Wii and a very large screen tv. Now they have little Wii Bowling parties and such - very fun!

  2. Nice, Wii parties are fun.
    My main problem with the Wii at the moment is that the little fitness program in Wii Sports (not the proper Wii Fit, yet) thinks that I'm 63!
    I'm blaming it on baseball, as I apparently have no timing and couldn't hit the ball.

  3. Wow. I like the boundary layer thing. Not often you get exciting fluid dynamics news! Except when things like my groundbreaking thesis get published, of course.