Thursday, 25 September 2008

The attack of the unwanted frog

Yesterday I finished the neck decreases of Sizzle, and was very happy and proud. I only needed to continue until shoulders, and then I could seam it!
This is a rendition (super high-tech, as you can see), of how much I had knitted.


I counted the shoulder stitches, and noticed I had one extra per side. Thinking it was odd, I picked up the back and checked the stitches. Then I noticed the problem.
The back has seven darts from hip to waist. Guess how many mine has.


This six darts render my front quite a lot shorter and completely mismatched with respect to the back. I couldn't even cut through the middle, knit a strip and graft it to both ends, as the extra dart meant one less stitch throughout the rest of the top.

The following picture is a rendition of how much knitting I have now, with the darts marked for clarity.

I am not a happy kitten.


  1. Oh man . . . I feel for you! But it looks lovely - hope it comes out nicely now!

    Kat (aka goodbyekitty on ravelry) - I usually just lurk, but I'm really enjoying your blog . . . if that's not weird ;)

  2. Well, that's a pain isn't it! I guess I always look at knitting as being something that if you make a mistake, you can rip it out and do it over right. Which is much better than a mistake you have to live with!