Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Wedding accessories (FOs)

You might remember that I had to attend my cousin's wedding, and I decided to knit my accessories (as well as use an old dress, which annoyed my mother no end).
The wedding was this past Saturday and, barring some disagreements about what time to come back, it wasn't so bad, given that it was an affair that involved my family. I came out with a clear thought: I'm not getting married. If I do, I will elope.

Click here for the full picture!

Hair Flower

Hair flower

Ravelry hair flower
Pattern: Main flower (rav) and Small flower (rav)
Yarn: Rowan Cotton Glace in black and maritime (discontinued)
Needles: 2.75 mm for main flower and 3.0 mm hook for small flower
Notes: I like how my hair turned up! I didn't know what do to with it, so I asked Ravelry for help. I loved the Chinese bun tutorial, so that's what I did. 10 minutes, 20 hairpins, 1 dpn and plenty of holding-spray later, I was the proud wearer of that bun, and mocked the people that had spent at least 2 hours that morning at the hairdressers. As the evening wore on, some of the hairs started to uncoil, but still remain in nice curls, so they looked on purpose. If you have long hair, I would certainly recommend this hair style!

Lace evening gloves

IMG_5587 IMG_5590

Ravelry project page
Pattern: Afternoon tea fingerless gloves (rav)
Yarn: Patons 100% cotton 4 ply, in black
Hook: 2.5 mm
Notes: My brother commented on the gloves, and said he thought they were very elegant.
I had a bit of trouble when I started making them, first having to check many sticthes (tr3tog explanation here), and then getting overconfident and doing it wrong. Worth it, though. They do stretch a lot when you block them, so don't be afraid if they look too small: I certainly thought I was going to have to redo them in a 2.75/3.0 hook (although continued with the first one to practice), and in the end it stretched plenty.

Gloves in action!

Sorry for the poor quality of this picture. There were actually very few pictures of me in my family's digital camera, so that was the best I could get.


  1. Well I was waiting for a full length photo but I don't doubt that you looked lovely! Your mother should be pleased at your creativity & thriftiness!

    I especially love the hair flower and since that's a knit pattern, I'll be adding it to my queue. Also I have waist-length hair and I've been putting it up in a bun for years now, but I do it very differently. The Chinese bun tutorial looks interesting and I think I'll give that a shot.

  2. I was so busy cropping and finding pictures of me, that I forgot a full-length picture.
    Here it is: http://flickr.com/photos/cristina_r_t/2821948238/

  3. There's nothing quite like a family wedding to make elopement sound good!

    Nice job, you look fabulous!

  4. The hair flower is gorgeous, I like the way the blue centre matches your shawl, and the gloves are cute too. The whole outfit looks really sophisticated, who needs a new dress when you can accessorize so well?! :)

  5. I agree on the wedding thing, not for me, such stress, we just went to sign a paper just the 2 of us, and eating out, and exchanging rings, but most of all: promising love

    you look fabulous, I'm sure you stole the party ;)

  6. I agree, weddings with family present are too much stress.

    You look lovely in your outfit, and your accessories are beautiful. My mum also seems to think a new outfit is required for every special occasion, it must be a mum thing. :)

  7. Oh, you put my little flower to such good use <3 I love it. And you look very lovely. I need to ask Ravelry for help with my hair also ;D Have a great day!