Sunday, 5 April 2009

Blocking Sizzle

Just a quick post to show just how much blocking can improve garments, even something with a high cotton content.

Blocked sizzle        Sizzle!

I am suitable impressed.


  1. cool!
    (sadly enough I have no patience to block things)

  2. Wow, I knew it could make a big difference with wool or a lacy stitch pattern but I had no idea it would work so well with cotton. I am also impressed!

  3. Make that Very Impressed - I'm not terribly conscientious about blocking (except with socks), but this may have made a convert of me.

  4. Yey for converting people!
    I'm seaming it very slowly, but it also makes a huge difference to the seaming: all the stitches are nicely flat and aligned!

    @MORGAN: it really doesn't take a lot of time. I put a towel over the sofa and pinned the pieces down to shape. Then just blasted some steam from the iron over them, and then put another towel and ironed it a bit (steaming as I went along). This entire process took maybe 20 min. Leave to dry overnight, and ready!