Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Two online yarn shop reviews

I've been meaning to put a word in for two online shops since January, but I haven't got around to doing it yet. I went a bit crazy on the January sales and bought a whole load of yarn from two different shops, and really enjoyed. Both were incredibly quick (and I've recently ordered from one again and it has been just as quick), and when I had problems with my order with one, it was solved awesomely.

Create and Knit
My main custom with Create and Knit revolves around their Peaches and Creme yarn, which is worsted cotton, ideal for amigurumi. Cheap and cheerful cotton in loads of colours, and incredibly quick delivery: I ordered some last Thursday evening, and it arrived on Monday! It is based in the UK, which cuts down the shipping costs a lot, and it's now my first point of call for the amigurumi yarn.

Again based in the UK, I only bought from them in January, when they were doing a big sale on discounted yarns. When my package arrived, I did a brief check of the yarn, which was the right quantity and colour, and put it in the stash. Two weeks later, when I wanted to use it, I discovered the mistake: one of my yarns was wrong! I had the right colour and number, but I had silk wool instead of silk cotton. I panicked for a little bit, then phoned them.
The lady on the phone was incredibly nice, and we arranged an exchange of the yarn, as they still had what I had wanted. On a Wednesday, I went to the post office and mailed my silk wool back. That Friday, the silk cotton arrived, with the postage for the silk wool reimbursed. Mistakes happen, and the way they rectified was amazing, and I will certainly buy from them again, once I finish start knitting with the first yarn I got from them :)

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