Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Knitting cultural fact

In Spain, people knit English, rather than Continental.


  1. That surprises me. I knit English, but that's just because I learned from my mother and that is her preferred style. I want to learn Continental though, I've been told it's good to know if you are doing colorwork, which is also on my list of things to try. It's a very long list!

  2. I knit English because that is what I learned from the web, but when I was learning, I remembered that it was like my mother used to do, and how she tried to teach me. That is also how my grandmothers knit too. It just amused me that my mother saw one of my knitting books with instructions on continental and had to ask what it was!
    I only learned that there was such thing as Continental when a German-Polish girl saw me knit, and she commented that she learned it differently. I would like to learn continental as well, and for the same reason, but I've not got around to do it yet. Too much knitting to do, and I don't feel like tackling the learning curve yet!