Friday, 3 April 2009

G is for Garlic, Gourmand

G is for Garlic. I love garlic. Very conveniently, Alex also loves garlic, so this is not a problem (the key issue that we both like garlic to the same extent, which is a lot). Most of the time when we cook and we have to halve a recipe, we just simply won't have the garlic.
As mentioned, I made garlic bread some days ago, using BitterSweet's recipe. It involves 2 heads of garlic, so you really must love it. I must confess that it didn't taste as garlicky as previously advertised when I first eat it, but that was because I had been surrounded by the smell of garlic for the previous 2-3 hours, so I was somewhat accustomed to it. It tasted deliciously garlicky this afternoon when I had it as my post-work snack.
I am posting this picture in the hopes that the smell will permeate from the computer onto you, and hope that you too love garlic!

G is for garlic bread

However, G also appears to be for something else! G is for Gourmand.
Last week, during lunchtime, I was talking to my coworkers about food. I like food, and I like cooking. So, the conversation turned to fish, and I demonstrated a "superior" knowledge of fish. My coworkers decided that it was not normal, and it was all because I was a "gourmet". The word for a person is gourmand, gourmet is an adjective, so I seem to be also a pedant.

I don't really consider myself a gourmand, but I do like my food and occasionally will go out of my way to get nice food: as per the conversation above, I will sometimes look for a proper fishmongers and get my fish there, taking the opportunity to absorb fish knowledge from the fishmonger. They will give you tips and tell you about the best ways to cook the fish, and most of them are really passionate about it, which is something I really love.

In an accidental effort to prove them right, this weekend I made to gourmet meals, and decided it was a good idea to share it.

First, we made the Thai Fish Cakes from Gordon Ramsay's Cooking with Friends.
G is for gourmand

Then, on Saturday, Alex and I got fish from our local Loch Fyne, and made sushi.
G is for gourmand

Both meals were delicious, although I have not had the opportunity to share this with my colleagues to reassure them that I am a gourmand. Being a Garlic lover Gourmand is delicious!


  1. Very good G post, I can't smell the garlic but the pictures are making me hungry.