Tuesday, 31 March 2009

/is grumpy

Apparently I can't knit today. Started seaming sizzle, and messed that up royally. No problems, I tell myself, we'll put it away and start Ishbel. Cast on with 3.75mm and realise it's way to tight. Cast on with 4.0mm, which this weekend was way too lose, and now it's ok. Some rows into it, mess up the yarn overs in an irrecoverable way. Rip it all off again.

Thankfully I've also been making garlic bread, which smells and looks delicious. It's now in the oven, and it'd better taste as well as my knitting has sucked today. Mmmm garlic...

ETA: Garlic bread was lovely. When I tried to cast on for Tuscany, I screwed up even before I cast on, tangling the ball horribly. /hangs head in shame
Maybe tomorrow will be a better knitting day.


  1. Oh I've had those days! When you do a lot of knitting, but somehow don't actually make any progress. :/

  2. oh yes, I've had a week of that, wanting to give up knitting forever in the end, hope you and me both will be less knit-grumpy soon ;)