Thursday, 26 March 2009

F is for Foot, Fractured

So, a while ago I broke my foot. It was a clean, not displaced break (5th metatarsus) and, although it was still a bummer, because I had a broken bone. Estimated healing time: 4-6 weeks.

4 months later, foot is still partially fractured. I can walk on it: barefoot at home (carefully), with my boot and one crutch outside. The bone has healed half-way through, but not completely, so it still won't take full weight without some pain.
This is my usual work do:

F is for foot, fractured

This, however, is my usual home do:
F is for foot, fractured

You can see the bone I fractured on black, the green being the fracture line.

I do have a hospital appointment via the NHS in another month, and I'm trying to get a second opinion privately via work's insurance. Hopefully I will have answers soon. Because, frankly, this is getting quite old. Though at least it saved me having to think of an F

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  1. OUCH!

    I fractured my foot when I was working in Portugal, but was informed that it was only a sprain even though it was too swollen to make out properly. 5 months on and I found out a couple of bones were rather out of place! At some point in the future it'll have to be re-broken and set properly. Not really looking forward to it!

    I hope your get your second opinion and it's feeling better very soon.

  2. Oh that's terrible! I hope you're all better soon!

  3. Oh yes, you definitely need to get a second opinion! That's far too long to be still in the same situation without seeing any progress.

    And by the way - I remember you described the boot before but wow - that really does look quite robotic.

  4. Thanks for the good wishes! I rang my doctor's office yesterday, but the referral is now at the hospital and there is nothing they can do about it, so I have an appointment for next week to complain to her about it, maybe get the doctor's number directly.

    @RedScot: Ouch too! I hope your foot gets fixed soon, and with a fast recovery.

    @Kath: the robotic boot is one of the few things that cheers me up about this whole thing, at least it's quite cool. It's incredibly sturdy, so if I clumsily kick something, the boot takes all the impact and I only notice because of the noise!

  5. Is it terrible of me to notice that the boot looks really excellent for showing off handknit socks?

    Good luck with the doctors.