Monday, 30 March 2009

Be squared!

Bottoms up continues at good pace. I might have it finished before Easter.

Bottoms Up in progress

I picked up Sizzle after a long hibernation. It only had 2 cm left of knitting, which is already done, and the top is now blocking.

I got Whimsical Little Knits on the mail, and love it. I can't wait to start Ishbel. In fact, I did start Ishbel, and then discovered that my needles (4mm) made the fabric too lose, so I have to wait until I got to my LYS to start it again.
Ishbel preparation


  1. Really like Bottoms Up, I hadn't seen that pattern before - it's in my faves now. Great color you chose!

  2. both projects are so lovely, I admire your 'fine' knitting, I never have the patience for smaller needles and loads of stockinette or loads of straight on knitting...
    I would love to see them on you soon!