Tuesday, 3 March 2009

One email, one stitch at a time

I have a bestest friend, whom I really love, and I think she is great: E.

I have not talked to her in a very long time, because I get anxious every time I try to email her. I get so anxious that I postpone it, and then it's been so long that I think she must be angry at me and that makes me more anxious, and I postpone it. You see where this is going.

Today is E's birthday, and I have finally written to her. It's not a very coherent email, because I'm never very coherent when I'm doing something that scares me, as irrational as that fear might be. I hate it when my illnesses get the better of me so today, armed with the excuse of her birthday, I finally gathered the courage.

I am also making her a lacy mohair and silk scarf in one of her colours, and I have let her know that in the email. It's the only thing I can do. Despite my panic, I know that she forgives me (in fact, she is probably more worried than upset at me), but I need to come to terms with this as well. So I will knit her the scarf, and put in each stitch all the love I have for her, and how much I want that bond to reunite again. A scarf like a bridge to get us together again, even if we've probably never left each other.

I am very lucky to have her friendship, that spans time and place without regards for them, and I would hate to lose that. So I overcome my fears for her, and knit the bridge scarf. One email, one stitch at a time.


  1. I found your blog on the ravelry group Knitting in our sleep. I have a group you maybe interested in Lesser Known Skeins. I will send you an invite.
    I find that my best friends are people who when I see them or talk to them after a long time apart, when we do talk it is as if we have been talking everyday. Like not missing a beat. Hope all goes well with your friend.

  2. Glad to see you joined the Lesser Known Skeins on Ravelry. You will enjoy reading and commenting on all the great blogs from all over the world. I will visit and comment on your blog often.