Sunday, 8 March 2009

E is for electricity


I was boiling the (electric) kettle to make a pot of tea, when Alex, who was playing on his computer, asked me to turn on the lights for him, because it was getting dark. And then I realised (for the nth time) how nice it is to have electricity.
Electricity make me warm and lets me have hot water. It makes working in this computer possible, gives me light. I like candles, but I would be even more blind if I had to knit or read to the light of a candle. Electricity cooks my foot.

It is something that we take for granted. But sometimes I remember how much is possible thanks to electricity, and I marvel at the little travelling electrons, and thank the for the comfort they give me.

I must admit that I was struggling to find something for E, but then electricity struck me (pun intended) so much that I actually mentioned to Alex that it was great to have it, and I thought it deserved some thanks.

Electricity on wikipedia.


  1. I really appreciated electricity after one very long weekend without it due to a storm. Since we had our own well, we didn't even have running water. I have never taken it for granted since. It is a wonderful thing.

  2. Considering how frequently I lose it, and the limited amount of it I have, I most definitely do not take electricity for granted! (Old 1940's summer house, no grounded outlets, etc., etc,)

  3. I really appreciate electricity, I can't imagine living without it! So many of my activities every day depend on it, things that I just don't even think about, like my morning coffee. I can't quite wrap my head around how it works, with all those electrons and things, but I'm very grateful for it :)

  4. I always take it for granted, until we lose it for an evening or so. It's amazing how inventive you have to get when the power goes out.