Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Balcony progress shoot

Stressful things need to be offset by showing off pretty things.

My Hanami Stole. I still have one or two more basket weave repeats to go, but it's slowly growing.

Hanami stole in progress

Elena's cowl. It's only missing weaving in the ends, and blocking. You may recall I started making this to reach her after not having talked to her for months. I've still not contacted her, because it's totally scary. But I have her cowl. I hope to give it to her before winter.
Ice Queen missing weaving in

The second of the Bluerose socks. I'm halfway down the heel flat. It really is a quick pattern.
Second blue rose

I'm also putting together a small pattern for the brain, which fills me with excitement. A pattern! Mine! Even if so small.


  1. you're doing wonderfully on the knitting! I love the Hanami!!!!!