Saturday, 1 August 2009

O is for Obsolete

O is for Obsolete

When I was in Spain last weekend, my parents and I tried to look for a public phone, as my mother's mobile had run out of battery and we wanted to call my brother (my father doesn't have a phone, and mine is from another country).
It was difficult. With the ubiquity of mobile phones, they are becoming nearly obsolete. There are, however, two public phones on the short way from my house to the supermarket :)
O is for Obsolete

I tried to take a picture of a floppy disk to complement this O, but couldn't find any in the house. However, I still remember even the 8-inch and 5¼-inch floppies. They were nearly obsolete even when I came into contact with them. And now the 3½-inch has followed them, and I don't have any.

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  1. I lament the passing of the old red phone boxes we used to have in the UK. Quite sad, really!