Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Two steps forward, one step back

Two steps forward
Finished off the first of my Bluerose socks, complete with anatomically correct toes.
Bluerose sock 1

Bound off the top of Elena's Ice Queen. Once I actually read the instructions properly, it was all much easier.
Elena's Ice Queen

One step back
This weekend, I discovered that Demeter was not as finished as I thought. That centre split for the neckline is not centred, so there is some unravelling to do. I don't yet know what happened: current options are me messing up the counting or choosing the number for the wrong size (or something excitingly different).
Demeter screw-up

Two steps forward
I have two specialist referrals to deal with my tiredness problems.

I have new meds to try. They may not work, but at least I'm doing something rather than waiting for the appointments to materialise themselves.

One step back
Anxiety is creeping back, and it just makes everything more difficult. The tiredness doesn't help it, and everything has the potential to overwhelm.

At least I'm still ahead on the game!


  1. you're great! love the sock! where can I place my order?
    the ice queen thing is not my thing but you did good anyway
    and looking forward to you fixing the demeter because it will be beautiful

    indeed you're still ahead, and you'll be ok (((hugs)))

  2. Your projects look the colors! ....unraveling is frustrating...happens to all of us - but still :/ I'm gonna check out the Bluerose sock pattern. Very interesting...

  3. don't rip Demeter! I like the asymmetry of it.

  4. I love that BlueRose sock! Beautiful!