Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Half lace gloves and half tachikoma, all crochet


I'm very happy with how my lacy gloves are coming out. They are only a bit difficult, but I need to pay lots of attention and not crochet too tight, or they don't fit. As it is, I don't know if they will fit me done with a 2.5 mm hook, but I'm continuing anyway, for practice. If, when I finish this glove it doesn't fit, I guess I'll go look for a 2.75 mm hook.


Similarly, my tachikoma is looking remarkably like a tachikoma. I'm super proud of this because I'm making the pattern as I go along. The head and the eyes are done, and now I'm working on the pod, which you can see in the second picture below. The most difficult thing are going to be the legs, but I have a couple of ideas already...

IMG_5581 IMG_5582


  1. Looking forward to seeing the tachikoma! And your gloves are coming out lovely!

  2. Wow! Tachikoma! I'd love to see this when you're finished. I'm trying to make one for my boyfriend right now.