Sunday, 3 August 2008

Links of the week, 03/08/2008

Oh noes, I', some minutes behind my arbitrarily decided schedule!
I normally write this up on Saturdays, but I went out yesterday, and had a lovely day, with private fireworks display included, so I forgot. And by private fireworks, I mean I had a lovely view from my balcony.

Twist Collective magazine
First issue of the twist collective magazine is up. I fell in love (and subsequently bought) with Wisteria, and plan to make it at some point, honest. I also really like their Houdini socks (yet another way to make sock heels) and their colour work, which I think I'm going to use soon in a capelet I'm going to make.
Lego Knitting Machine
Do I need to say more? Lego is awesome! I have no idea how knitting machines work, but I know this one is made out of Lego, and that makes it great.
Palette Generator
You can upload a picture to this little generator. It will pick up the colours of the picture, and generate a palette to use. You can pick the colours for a garment to use it as a memory of a particularly nice photo, and I thought it was a great way to immortalise a moment.
Because I'm so mature, I still blow bubbles and chase them around. While I'm not sure bubbles are meant to be preserved, these pictures are beautiful, and capture the bubbleness that makes me so happy while I chase them.
A Galaxy Einstein Ring
The gravity of a galaxy is deforming the light we get from the galaxy behind it. Pure awesome.
Pictures from the sun eclipse
On Friday there was a sun eclipse. It was total only in Siberia and parts of China, so most people only got a bit of darkness. Here are some pictures of it. Notice that, when you see all black and the partial sun, that's not actually how it looks! Unless you get a total eclipse, a partial eclipse simply makes everything dark, as if it was getting cloudy, but getting colder. Still cool, though!


  1. Wow, nice knitting machine. It only seems to do "french knitting" or i-cord though... I think "real" knitting machines have a row of hooks and knit the whole row pretty much at once.
    Where were you today, haven't seen you at Kino for a bit?

  2. (Twist collective looks great!)

  3. Cool links!

    (I chase bubbles too :) )