Sunday, 17 February 2008


Ladies and gentlemen, and robots, I present to you my Grey Scarf.
A while back I decided that a)I needed a grey scarf, and b)everybody was knitting Clapotis, so the obvious conclusion was to knit a grey Clapotis.

Some reflections on the matter:
- the plural of Clapotis is, I have decided, Clapotis, like sheep
- it's difficult to find non-wooly grey yarn that won't look like a slab of endless and boring grey when you knit it. This is when Debbie Bliss Cathay came to my rescue.
- knitted with n balls of Cathay and 3.75 mm strait needles.

Clapotis was very easy to knit, and I can see why so many people have done it: it's just a great pattern. Mixes well TV-knitting with a bit of entertainment (all the tbls), so for me it was the perfect mix to knit over Christmas, while I was in family duty (ugh!).

And dropping stitches, and being able to unravel them is soooo much fun. It's so much fun I'm pretty sure it's not legal in some countries.

Without further ado, some pics. Because you've all been doubting my word1 (click for larger versions)

It all started with a little swatch, to check how the yarn responded to the droppings. In retrospect, I should not have bought 5 balls before testing this, but it all worked out alright.

This is how it was looking after the Ravelry trip to Get Knitted:
Clapotis (closer)

Aaaand, the finished product!
Scarfy clapotis
Shawly clapotis
(the Clapotis looks lovely in this picture, but I don't, so look at the shiny scarf, not at me)

Long Clapotis is loooooooooooong
Long clapotis is loooooooong

And a close up. I really like this picture, for no particular reason, so here it the slightly larger size:
Clapotis close-up 1

All this info can be found in my Clapotis' ravelry page

1 Pics or it never happened.

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  1. I love it!!!!! I've seen it in many colours, varieted or not, but this sobre one is so nice! I must make a one-colour one if my first ever gets finished ;)

    nice job!!!